Some common misconceptions can be you cannot force them to take medicines and cannot make them better or more compliant. Guardianship is not a magic wand, it doesn’t do that. It does not affect access to SSI, SSDI, MedicAid, and MediCare. One thing that I hear often is that if I’m their guardian they are going to count my resources as their resources, that is not true. The guardian does not have the legal obligation to use their resources to support the ward. They only have the legal obligation to use the ward’s resources to support the ward. So, your resources do not come into play after the age of eighteen, they are now an independent person, they are an independent family of one. The guardian is not liable for the acts of the ward solely by being the guardian, this is another common question I get, If my child hurts somebody, injures somebody, will I be liable? Not because you are the guardian, you might be liable for other reasons. We have two cases in Georgia the guardian provided a car to an individual who should not have had access to a car. The guardian was liable, not because he was the guardian but because he gave access to their car. Another case in Georgia involved a gun, similar thing