Here comes the fun part. How much money can we put into these accounts? The total amount you can deposit per year is limited to the gift exemption amount, the gift exemption amount is an IRS rule that basically says you make a gift to anybody in the world this amount of money, this year it’s $14000, without having to file any kind of gift tax return or use up any of your gifting exemption amount. That current amount is $14000, so assuming next year that amount does increase according to inflation adjustments. But let’s just assume that it stays at $14,000 next year we have these accounts, the most that can go in to that account is $14,000. If the ABLE account exceeds 100,000 dollars, SSI is suspended. You no longer get your SSI benefits if it’s over $100,000. The Medicaid benefit however, that’s tied to SSI, that will continue. And that’s actually a very good thing so, if your individual has waiver resources or abundant now comp waiver, that will continue because Medicaid will be unaffected by exceeding $100,000 in an ABLE Account. It is the annual aggregate amount that is counted. That 14,000 limit is not Mom can give $14,000, Dad can give $14,000, Grandpa can give $14,000. No, it is the total of all of those gifts cannot exceed $14,000. As a planning tool, this is not working out very well, is it? If we can’t put more than $14,000 in there, we’re not looking at planning for long term needs, we’re not able to take a life insurance policy that might be half a million dollars and have it paid to an ABLE account.