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A word about fees and costs

It is not possible to quote fees without knowing about your goals and objectives, what assets are in your estate, and who are your beneficiaries, and how you want them to receive any benefits.

During the initial consultation we discuss all these topics and the attorney wil make recommendations how to meet your goals.  After the initial consultation you will know what your estate plan will cost and what other fees may be necessary to complete the implementation of your plan.  Most plans have a flat fee with an hourly fee for additional work at the client’s option.  For instance a Revocable trust would have a set fee, but transferring assets into the trust, if you choose to have us assist, would be billed at an hourly rate.  You then have the option of doing it yourself and saving some money or have us assist you in the process.

The initial consultation is a time for us to get to know each other.  Due to the nature of estate planning, it is important that you be comfortable with the attorney and the attorney must be comfortable with you.  Clients share more intimate details about their family situation with an estate planning attorney than they do with virtually any other professional.  You must be comfortable with whom you are sharing that information.  Attorneys are bound by a high level of confidentiality, you don’t want your situation or plans to be the topic of conversation at church or a neighborhood picnic.  We take this very seriously.  We gladly work with other professionals, like accountants, financial advisors, insurance agents, and the like, but only at your discretion and with your permission.

What does it cost?

Costs are relative, when you purchase a house you typically pay 7% of the selling price to realtors.  The realtors are there to market and assist in the proper transfer of one asset from one party to another.  Your estate plan will be the vehicle to transfer all of your assets, not just one, to several parties, at a time when your family is under more stress than normal.  Perhaps a better question to ask is “What is the value of my estate plan?”, rather than “How much is it going to cost?”

During this process you are asked difficult questions and must consider situations which many find uncomfortable, only serious clients who care about their families complete the process.  Many clients actually find this process to help them realize or refocus their priorities in life.  When clients have a plan in place, they experience a level of comfort and reassurance that their family will be taken care of and they will have the guidance needed during a difficult time.

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