Settlement Planning

The lawyers at Nadler Biernath are leading experts in disability planning and procedure, making us a valuable component to settlement resolution planning. Because there are many complex considerations to settlement planning, we encourage personal injury attorneys to reach out to us early in the litigation process.
For many claimants, a loss of public benefit coverage can be devastating, even with a large settlement payout. The costs of recovering from an accident and living with a disability can quickly deplete a settlement. Failure to consider the effect of a settlement or verdict on the injured client’s benefits could harm the client and lead to liability for the personal injury attorney. In the course of settlement planning, we work with the personal injury lawyers, financial consultants, and the client to provide comprehensive planning, including:

Resolving settlement issues should not be done without a trusted industry expert in your corner. We are committed to being an effective and efficient resource for the injured and their attorneys. To schedule a consultation, contact our office.


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